Open the virtual door to the future.

One of the greatest strengths of event planners is their resolve and ability to adapt in the face of change and irregularity. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the entire industry’s thoughts on virtual events.

Maintain your attendance - don't let your hard work go to waste with Boomset's virtual and in-person event solutions.

Trusted By World-Class Businesses

Networking from anywhere

Whether it’s a few or a few thousand, attendees can exchange ideas and join the conversation from anywhere
Increase face-to-face time and strengthen professional relationships through video
From breakouts to the after parties, attendees are in control of building their network

Exhibitor activation

Give visibility to exhibitors onsite through the event app
Drive extra revenue by allowing exhibitors to book online booth space
Allow attendees to submit their info so that exhibitors can follow up on the event app virtually or in-person

A truly sustainable event

Reduce event waste, in-person costs, and C02 emissions associated with event travel
Connect local and global audiences in real-time and make the event accessible to everyone
Nurture a stronger connection with attendees - and the planet

Class is in session

Whether it’s a live or virtual event, broadcast first-class education in seconds
Tailored to fit your event needs - build intimate workshops or large-scale keynotes
Enhance 1:1 interaction with speakers, sponsors and event goers

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