Self-Service Check-In Kiosks

Enhance marketing efforts and engage attendees with your brand from the very start
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Kiosk Check-In Features

Automate a customized on-site registration flow and give your guests control at check in.
Self-Service Check-In
Selfie Capture
Signature Collection
Session Registration
Walk-In Registration
On-Demand Printing

How It Works

Set the overall tone for the rest of the event from the very beginning! Eliminate the need for extra staff at the door and expedite check-in, especially during busy times by authorizing your guests to complete registration on their own. Customize the design and experience of the self-service kiosk mode, badge printing, and endless check-in options to gain marketing ROI.

Collect Signatures and Photos

An effortless registration process that gives you the information you need without delaying guests at the door. Request signatures from attendees on documents like NDAs, terms and conditions, or to validate their data. Capture selfie photos at check-in for a fun photo opp that doubles as an extra security measure for the event or to print on badges.

Session Management

Few attendees actually bring their confirmation details with them, sometimes pre-registering months in advance for workshops or classes. Pair Boomset's Kiosk Self-Service Check-In with Smart Sessions for flexible session management and attendee tracking. Attendees can view their event itinerary, edit and change their session schedules, and reprint badges in real time.

RFID Kiosks

The self-service RFID kiosks automate the guest experience to reduce costs for you and increase efficiency for event participants. Allow for attendees to pair RFID wearable technology during the check-in process for accurate and engaging information capture. Busy events that prefer fast data capture or attendee tracking can pair RFID with Boomset's Lead Retrieval. No scanning QR codes and no need for exhibitors or sponsors to be present at the booth.

Download the Guest List Check-In App

The "Guest List" app works across all iOS and Android devices.