A mobile event app with an innovative
suite of services

Combine diligent planning with seamless execution to create successful events.
Boomset pairs easy check-in and real-time reporting along with other convenient features to improve event performance and optimize guest experience.

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Create your event with Boomset's premium web platform:

Import your guest list, create your multi-sessions, and design badges to make your event a success.

From Boomset's premium web platform to your mobile device:

Match Boomset to your event’s unique branding: check guests in, print name badges, and even manage multiple sessions
straight from your mobile devices. Watch as your updates online are reflected on the mobile apps.

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Take your event to the next level.

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Give your exhibitors the Lead Retrieval advantage:

Help them develop business by providing Boomset's Lead Retrieval solution. Scan leads, make notes, and mark priority in seconds!

Hot Warm Cold

Put scheduling power in your guests' hands with
Kiosk Mode + Smart Sessions:

Allow guests to register on-site, check-in, and change their existing event schedules, all on their own! Boomset's
Kiosk Mode + Smart Sessions takes pressure off event organizers.

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