Guest Check-In & Badge Printing

Check in guests and simultaneously print badges on demand
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Guest List & Printing Features

Make an impression from the start with a completely customizable guest check-in app
On-Site Check-In
On-Demand Printing
Check-In Notifications On Arrival
Comment Notifications
Email Confirmations
Registration Management
Real-Time Reporting
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How It Works

Build out your event on the Boomset web platform to collect on-site registrations, check in guests on the app, scan QR codes, print badges, and activate RFID. Quickly see event statistics, save time, and design a seamless check-in with user friendly software.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Select and design your event badge on the Boomset web platform and choose from a variety of options such as wristands, plastic event badges, adhesive and paper badges, and more.

Importing and Integrating

Upload an Excel guest list or import data from popular registration platforms for a fast, seamless, and easy guest check-in experience.

RFID Scanning

Create a more sustainable and secure event using RFID badges or wristbands at check in to track attendance, manage access control, upgrade lead generation technology, and more.

Download the Guest List Check-In App

The "Guest List" app works across all iOS and Android devices.