Guest List Check-In

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How It Works

Dedicate more time to important event details and design a seamless check-in in minutes. Start by building out your event on the Boomset web platform, where a user-friendly interface guides you to collect on-site registrations, check in guests on the app, scan QR codes, print badges, and activate RFID. Let Boomset gather your event statistics in real time, too!

Import or Integrate

Comfortable with your current registration platform? Boomset makes it easy to upload an Excel guest list or import data to your event via popular integration platforms for a fast, seamless, registration and on-site check-in experience.

Custom Notifications

Communication is key, especially when you have important information to share with your team. With check-in notifications and pop-up comments (that work offline), stay connected with staff and know what’s happening via email and SMS messages when guests arrive in real time.

RFID Scanning

Live events are better with more accurate and faster scanning technology. With RFID technology, there's no need to rely on extra security personnel or event staff! RFID badges or wristbands at check-in offer sustainable and secure wearable technology to track attendance, elevate lead retrieval technology, and easily maintain desired event flow.

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