Lead Retrieval

Allow exhibitors and sponsors to collect contact information and generate leads at your event
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Lead Retrieval App Features

Make it easy for vendors to follow up post-event with maximum value and minimal effort
Lead Priortization
Kiosk Lead Generation
QR Code Scanning
NFC Technology
UHF Technology
Registration Management
Real-Time Reporting
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How It Works

This extension of the Boomset Guest List app can scan compatible QR codes or read RFID chips. Exhibitors can take personal notes, view answers to custom questions, and prioritize leads for simple post-event follow up.

Lead Reporting

Lead retrieval users can download reports directly from the app in real time. Event organizers can also view, download and send reports to themselves and end users.

RFID Lead Capture

Tap a badge or wristband to generate lead information. Exhibitors that use Boomset's Lead Retrieval with automated product poll kiosks to capture interested leads that visit the booth. Never miss out on valuable connections by customizing the scanning options of the Lead Retrieval app.

Informational PDF

Event organizers can cover the cost of lead retrieval licenses or choose to have exhibitors buy directly from the app. Download our brief informational on how to use the Boomset Lead Retrieval app below.

Download the Lead Retrieval App

The "Lead Retrieval" app works across all iOS and Android devices.