Smart Sessions

Manage session schedules and access control, track attendance, and view live attendee statistics
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Smart Session Features

Provide session information, prevent over booking, and optimize event flow
Session Registration
Self-Service Check-In
Access Control Management
RFID Technology
Multi-Session Tracking
Session Screens
QR Code Scanning
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How It Works

Using Boomset session registration or a preferred integration platform, guests can select the workshops or schedule of their choice. Event organizers can allow attendees to make changes on-site, view full attendee schedules on badges, and track attendee data.

Session Registration

Use Boomset for intuitive session selection and scheduling to encourage attendee engagement when registering. For easy use of an integrated registration platform and the session management options, speak with a Boomset representative.

Kiosk and On-Site Scheduling

Complement Boomset's Kiosk Mode and multi-session management features by allowing attendees to view and edit their schedules in real time. A full personalized itinerary for each attendee can be printed on demand.

Session Management

Monitor available seats in every open session, track attendee movement using QR codes or RFID technology, and manage access levels for registration types.

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The "Guest List" app works across all iOS and Android devices.