RFID Management

Plan a more secure and sustainable event and get the data you need with wearable technology
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RFID Features

Pair RFID-enabled wearables at check-in to track when attendees arrived and how much time they spent
in a specific area - without imposing on their event experience.
NFC Technology
UHF Technology
Self-Service Check-In
Voucher Redemption
Access Control Management
Product Kiosks

How It Works

Let RFID technology easily track attendee movement to give you more accurate lead generation ROI in less time. For faster and more secure data collection, activate RFID chip-enabled badges or wristbands during the Boomset check-in experience and quickly process check-ins or manage access control at sessions.

RFID Session Management

Be more efficient and focus your time on other details. Automate attendance scanning with UHF technology for fast entrance and data capture at workshops and sessions. Easily control access and maintain a secure event using NFC technology for photo validation.

Wearable Technology

For planners who want unique technology at an affordable cost, RFID is the ideal option. Discretely incorporate wearable RFID chips to track when guests arrived and how much time they spent in a specific area without imposing on their event experience. 
Boomset currently supports Near Field Communication (NFC) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) technology on the RFID spectrum.

Product Kiosks

Skip traditional printed materials and go digital! Learn a potential lead's specific product interest through unique data collection. Place RFID receivers in front of products or exhibits for attendees to tap RFID-enabled wristbands or badges on the receiver. 
Exhibitors can brand RFID product kiosks, digitally send information, and accumulate detailed ROI on their event participation instantly.
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